The Royal Maharlika

Royal Maharlika

The Royal Maharlika is a Queendom ruled by HRH Queen Maria Amor Torres, rooted from the ancient royal history of Asia, the Sultanate of Maguindanao.

The Royal Maharlika is also a Brotherhood and a Non-Profit institution which main purpose is to unite all the Kingdoms and Tribes of the world towards peace and developments, to advocate the rights of the indigenous groups and the cultural minorities,  and be the voice of freedom and sustainable green environment. 

The Knights of the Royal Maharlika

The Knights of the Royal Maharlika are sworn Protectors of the Earth, Peace-builders and Change-Makers. 

The Knighting and Awards are only by nomination and invitation by the Queen of Maharlika herself. One cannot nominate himself/herself, and the awards is never for sale, never transferable and only awarded in person. Knighting and Awards in "absentia" is never allowed.


Expanding the influence of the Royal Maharlika and the Sultanate of Maguindanao, Queen Mariam Leonor Torres appoints new Cabinet Members of the Royal Maharlika and Ambassadors of the Sultanate from various countries to serve as representatives.

These new appointments mark a significant step towards strengthening diplomatic ties and fostering greater cooperation between the Royal Maharlika and the international community. Each Cabinet Member and Ambassador brings a wealth of experience and expertise to their respective roles, ensuring that the interests of the queendom and the sultanate are effectively represented on the global stage.

As they embark on their new responsibilities, the appointed officials are committed to promoting peace, mutual understanding, and prosperity through dialogue and collaboration. With a shared vision of a harmonious world where different cultures and traditions thrive together, they stand ready to engage with counterparts from around the world in pursuit of common goals and shared values.

Queen Mariam Leonor Torres's strategic appointments reflect her dedication to building bridges and forging connections that transcend borders and boundaries. By assembling a diverse team of leaders who embody the spirit of unity and cooperation, she sets a powerful example of leadership and inclusivity for her kingdom and beyond.

Together, the new Cabinet Members of the Royal Maharlika and Ambassadors of the Sultanate are poised to make a positive impact on the global stage, championing dialogue, diplomacy, and mutual respect as they work towards a more interconnected and peaceful world.